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Composer Sign-up Form:


  1. You keep your copyright and control all other rights for your compositions.
  2. Your own personal SMD URL (e.g. that features your photo, short bio, works list, and link back to your website. Your works list will include links that direct customers straight to your music in The Subito Store. Your personalized webpage on SMD can be a powerful marketing tool to expands your reach with performers and music customers.
  3. Your compositions — up to five (5) to begin with then ten (10) more during the year — will be added to The Subito Store and/or the Subito rental system.
  4. You get 55% of the income on your retail sales (SMD will deduct 30% commission and 15% for printing) and about 45% (based on the dealer discount) on wholesale sales.
  5. You’ll receive 70% off the retail price for copies of your own music. Unlike your local copy center or print shop, these will be industry-standard 9x12 books with a cover, printed by the best POD facility in the industry.


  1. $50 for your SMD setup and annual fee. This is payable when you sign-up and covers the cost of adding your SMD URL to our system and your works to our online Subito Store.
  2. When you sign up, you will receive:
    1. an agreement to review, sign and return.
    2. a spreadsheet to fill out with your titles, descriptions, page counts.
    3. instructions for uploading PDF files of your works.
    4. a link to the store where you can pay the setup fee.
  3. That's it! it's fast and easy to get started!

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