Preparing Digital Music Files for Production
Guidelines & Requirements

Below are guidelines for size and format of digital files.

Engraving: (Sibelius, Finale, SCORE 1)

Format page size and margins as follows:

Printing to PDF:

David Murray, Editor and Publishing Manager
Subito Music Corporation


1 SCORE program - Image height should not exceed 13.5” (combined) for Large Scores and 10.5” for the smaller size

2 Our system increases the smaller size by 7% when printing at 9x12 size and 11% when printing to 9½ x 13 size. These are the standard sizes that we use for folios and orchestral parts respectively. When setting staff sizes, bear in mind that the image will increase in size according to the numbers stated above. 11x17 & 11x14 scores will print at 100% size.