Todd Mason

Todd Mason

Todd Mason, a Los Angeles native, gained his master's in Composition at Juilliard, studying with David Diamond, Peter Mennin, and two years of doctorate-level work with Elliott Carter. Mason received the Rodgers & Hammerstein Juilliard Scholarship, Juilliard's Marion Freschl Award for a composition for voice and orchestra, first place in the National Federation of Music Clubs composition contest, First Place in the Lancaster Summer Arts Festival, and the ASCAP Young Composers award, presented by Aaron Copland.

Mason's compositions have become increasingly popular with chamber ensembles throughout the United States. His orchestral works have been played by the Juilliard Orchestra, the Sofia Philharmonic, and members of the Budapest Philharmonic. Other ensembles who have premiered Mason's work include The Lyris Quartet,The Angeles Quartet,The Argus Quartet,The Debussy Trio,The Los Angeles Wind Quintet, the SAKURA cello quintet,The Alex Iles Brass Quintet, Grammy-winning soprano Hila Plitmann, The Saguaro PianoTrio, TheVieness Piano Duo, and many leading members of the LA Opera Orchestra, Pacific Symphony, Long Beach Symphony and Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Mason’s music has been performed at the Lancaster Summer Arts Festival, the Astoria Music Festival (where he was Composer-in-Residence for 2 years), the Laguna Beach Arts Festival, Carlsbad Music Festival, Piano Spheres, Mount Wilson Concerts in the Dome, Chamber Music Palisades, Masters in the Chapel, Sunset ChamberFest (Mason was Composer-in-Residence 2019).

Mason’s current body of work includes three string quartets, a wind quintet, brass quintet, works for piano, 4-hands piano, numerous trios, works for solo clarinet and solo cello, several works for string orchestra and full orchestra with soprano.

In addition to composing, Mason offers a popular chamber music series in his West L.A. home, showcasing leading ensembles and premiering new works.

Mason, described as “profoundly multitalented” is also an award-winning PBS filmmaker who produced the Primetime PBS Special The Journey to Palomar” on the life of American telescope pioneer George Ellery Hale. Mason's computer renderings of the Giant Magellan Telescope, and other future telescopes (TMT & LSST), have appeared in the New York Times and countless websites and television programs worldwide.

Mason says “I suppose I’m a product of growing up in the 1960s and being fascinated with the Apollo moon program but also going to endless classical music concerts. I’ve always thought there was a natural connection between astronomy and music. Both are involved in the exploration of the human spirit.”

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